Welcome from one of our Chief Artisans: Area Executive Chef Melody Miranda

We know that food is many things to many people.

For you: Nourishment. Comfort. Home. Medicine. Fuel. Celebration. Family.

For the community: Relationships. Connection. Education. Outreach. Environment.

Fostering all of this is our goal by not just serving you food. We build relationships with the community and invite them in, buying local, visiting farms (come with us on a tour!), asking questions, having fun!

Who are we?

We are makers. We are family. We are food nerds. We are community. We are Artisans.



Real chefs cook here. Our innovative menus mix global flavors and homey favorites to delight you.


Our process is simple: Unprocessed, seasonal ingredients come in; house-made, cooked-to-order food goes out.


Life is sweeter when good choices are easy, so our chefs create fresh and fit options with heaps of variety to keep you on-track and feeling good.


We’re fussy about our ingredients and proud of where they’re from so we show them off with fully transparent labeling and detailed menus.


Our staff artisans are here to help, whether answering questions, listening to menu suggestions, or simply welcoming you with a smile.