executive chef

Jason Pepin

My name is Jason Pepin and I’m the Executive Chef/Director of Culinary.

I live in Reno, Nevada.

The best part of being a chef is when people eat my food. That's when the passion I have for my craft comes through. A chef that loves what they do knows how to get that love to come across in their food. People can always tell when a chef loves them.

A great tip is to keep it simple. Don't complicate the food.

Orecchiette is my favorite pasta, it means “little ear.”

If I could only have one dessert for the rest of my life, it’d be a Napoleon. It is the quintessential pastry. It takes me back to my childhood coming from a French family.   

Dunkin Donuts munchkins are my guilty pleasure - especially the chocolate and blueberry.


My favorite ingredients are fresh noodles of all different cultural cuisines. Fresh chow fun noodles are absolute heaven.

A chef's knife is the kitchen tool I can’t live without. Corny and obvious, but essential.

When I’m not cooking, I’m climbing mountains, cycling, and watching movies. 

Working for and cooking with Wolfgang Puck is the highlight of my career.

As a kid, I wanted to become a pro-baseball player or lawyer.

My grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies are the first food memory that comes to mind. The last thing I ever received from her were her cookies. I have her handwritten recipe.