senior executive chef

Alicia Jenish-McCarron

My name is Alicia Jenish-Mc Carron and I’m a Senior Executive Chef.

I live in San Francisco, California.

The best thing about being a chef is getting to be creative, inspiring others through food, and making people happy.

A great food tip is that when measuring things like honey or syrup, always oil your measuring spoon or cup.

Rigatoni is my favorite pasta shape.

If I could only have one dessert for the rest of my life, it would be salted caramel with a shot of Fernet. I don't really like sweets though, so I can give the caramel to my husband and have the fernet to myself. 😉

Doritos are my guilty pleasure. DO NOT JUDGE.

Harissa, one I've made, is my favorite ingredient. Preserved lemons and fermented black garlic.


I can’t live without my mortar and pestle.

When I’m not cooking, I love spending time with my hubby, and our wee dog Steve Gerrard. Cuddling with our kitties Veronica and Sophia. I also love knitting, needlepoint, working out like a beast and drinking wine rose.... yes it's a hobby.

My role with Artisan has truly been one of my most enjoyable positions. I'd also say my time at the Grand Cafe as an Executive Chef was a big highlight in my career. As a little girl, I loved reading Eloise… so to be the chef overseeing a massive restaurant in a huge hotel was a dream come true. No champagne down the mail shoot, though. There wasn't one.

When I was very little, I wanted to be a marine biologist. I love Jacque Cousteau.

My mother was an amazing cook. As a toddler, I remember my mother steaming artichoke and me slowly eating each leaf after carefully dipping it in garlic butter. I ate so slowly as a child, my mom would set a timer...she'd also have to reheat the butter as it would harden as it cooled. I have a very patient mother.